Racor brings warmth into atmospheric theatre

Racor brings warmth into atmospheric theatre

An evening out with your partner, family or friends at the theatre, where you can relax, have fun and enjoy the performance. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? At the theatre, everything has to work perfectly, not just onstage, but also behind the scenes, right down to the smallest details. For such perfection we can, quite literally, warmly recommend a visit to Bühnen Köln in Cologne. 

The theatre complex, a fabulous building in industrial style containing a number of auditoriums, is undergoing repairs and construction work as part of a large-scale renovation of Bühnen Köln. In all, four of the eight auditoriums are being refurbished. While this work is going on, visitors to Bühnen Köln must of course still be kept warm, especially in the cold months of the year. For this reason, Racor Power & Climate Solutions delivered and installed a temporary boiler solution. This solution was deployed to heat the corridors around the auditoriums, with the aim of creating a cosily warm atmosphere in the building for the theatre guests.

Mobile boiler solution

Bühnen Köln has for years been a customer of Boels Rental, the international rental company of which Racor Power & Climate Solutions is a part. By calling on the expertise of Racor, Boels was in an even better position to find a solution to the problem. After a site visit, the electricity and climate control specialist quickly came to the conclusion that the building could best be heated by means of warm water air handlers to be powered by a boiler. To this end, Racor supplied one mobile 300 kW boiler with four heaters, each of 70 kW and with hoses totalling some 200 metres. This solution was operated through a central thermostat and a stepper, so that the air flow could be reduced.


This worked perfectly and the customer was very satisfied. The customer was pleased not only with the solution supplied (set up by our installers), but also with the continuing service provided by Racor Power & Climate Solutions after installation. Our specialists visit the customer once a month to carry out maintenance work on the installation. The height of the flue gas outlet was also increased in line with the height of the building. As a result, no one in the building will be bothered by the flue gases. The tank levels are also checked daily and we order fuel in good time, so that the installation is always in operation. Because we relieve our customer of all these concerns, he only really has to deal with one thing: welcoming and entertaining his guests.